Love Live Sunshine: Izu Mito Sea Paradise 伊豆・三津シーパラダイス

Having had no plans to visit Mito Sea Paradise because it costs a hefty 2,200yen at the door, I had minimal reference materials "just in case". Just in case indeed, as I randomly stumbled upon a ticketing shop in Numazu, selling near-expired exchange vouchers for 950yen (Usually 1100-1200yen). Now, I simply had to go!

I used the 2-day pass mentioned in my HPT post for transport for this visit.
Transport from Numazu: 600yen + 190yen (JR to Mishima to buy said pass)
MitoSea Ticket: 950Yen
Total: 1740yen

P.S. Tokai Bus (Round Trip from Numazu, 2730yen) and Izu-Hakone Rail/Bus (one-way transportation, 2280yen from Mishima) also sell combined package tickets. However, they're not as cheap as the killer Awashima deal.

みとしーに行く予定は無かったので「ついで」の程度の準備しかしてませんでした。入口での2200円の入場料が重いかったのですがまぐれに金券ショップを見つけ、950円 (普段は1100-1200円)で期限がもうすぐ切れる切符を手に入れました!

沼津からの交通費: 600円 + 190円(パスを買うためJRで三島駅まで)
みとしーの入場料: 950円
合計: 1740円


Location of Ticket shops in Numazu and Mishima

Area around the entrance to Mito Sea (S2E04)
みとしーの入り口あたり (第2期4話)

Animal Show area (S2E04, KoiAqu PV)
劇場 (第2期4話、恋アクPV) 

Restaurant, ordered the udon of course!



Due to Typhoon damage from October 2017, part of the outdoor area was off limits. This is my best attempt at the penguin house.


You's jealousy fire delusion (S1E11)

Bonus shot

LLSIF backgrounds


Biggest disappointment, the performance venue of KoiAqu is not in Mito Sea!

Off-topic, but Mito Sea's animals seem well looked after and the shows are of high quality. It definitely seemed to attract a lot of "normies" when I visited on April 7, 2018.


Note: Even visiting the souvenir shop to purchase Uchichi goods requires an entrance ticket.
注意: うちっちーグッズを買うため店に入りたいだけでも入場料が必要です。 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!


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