Love Live Sunshine - Obscure Locations in Tokyo!

This trip and post would not have been possible without the Love Live Season 2 Locations Map by @Cukter  My utmost thank you to him for creating such an amazing resource.

I had just landed at Haneda Airport at 4:30am in the morning on 31st March 2018. Taking the first train out, I headed into Tokyo, not for the drinks, the game bars nor pachinko. The Tokyo locations of Love Live Sunshine (both seasons) awaited!

The first place to visit was Tokyo station to look for some hidden doujinshi in the lockers. Kabedon! to be precise. 

Obligatory Snow Halation shot outside Tokyo Station

Riko stored her treasures at the Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station (S1E12).

Upon entering the station, we are greeted by its beautiful interior. For some unfathomable reason, the producers decided to use the Tokyo Metro map instead of the JR map at the ticket machines.

Just beside this atrium is an entrance to the passageway where Riko decided to locker her lewds away from her friends. The lockers look exacrly the same, down to the locker numbers.

I hopped on the train and Akihabara is just 2 stops down (S1E07).

Obligatory visit of Honoka's home in Akihabara from OG Love Live!

 Chika runs past Kanda Myojin and Manseibashi (S1E07).

From here on, the focus switched to Season 2. With the 4th Live just being announced at Akiba Tokyo Dome, it's only fitting that I post the final steps the cast went through before their Love Live Grand Finals.

The second years share a tearful hug at UDX (S2E12).

I started walking towards Ochanomizu to capture other scenes in the run-up to the Love Live Grand Finals where everyone thought about their journey and their ambitions.
Mari at Shohei Bridge, Yoshiko at Hijiri Bridge in Ochanomizu. Unfortunately, the construction work completely obscured the view.

From Ochanomizu, I continued walking north west towards Hongo, a residential area which served as backdrops of the cast, reuniting on the way to Tokyo Dome.

Left: "What did you write on the wishing board?" 
Right: "Even if we go our separate ways, we are still connected by the same sky."

The first years find each other and run off towards Tokyo Dome.

The 9 girls find themselves approaching the main road to Tokyo Dome from different side streets.

They finally reunite at this footbridge with Tokyo Dome as the backdrop. The latter shot requires a drone to make it so that the Dome is above the footbridge.

Going further north from Hongo is the ryokan that the cast stayed in both seasons. In the second season, there was a huge pillow fight! (S1E07, S2E12).

After reaching the ryokan, I walked to Ueno Park to view the Cherry Blossoms, then across to Taito Ward Central Library where Hanamaru's cut was supposed to have been shot. Unfortunately, I could not find the location and it turns out, photographs are not allowed inside the library in the first place.

I then walked to Uguisudani Station and took the train to Shinjuku to view what I call the Tunnel of Love (section coming after this). It was extremely busy but awesome, with Love Livers taking plenty of selfies. I then returned to Akihabara to play games, then went to my accomodation in Shinagawa.

Distance Walked: Over 10km.

Extra Section - The Tunnel of Love
I returned to Shinkuku station the next day at 6:30am to check out the Tunnel of Love when there were less people. This was a massive advertisement in an underground pedestrian tunnel for the Love Live Solo Live Memorial Box III.

Memorial Box Collage 1

Memorial Box III Collage 2

 Memorial Box III Central Board

Extra Section 2: After visiting the tunnel, this idiot then took the Keio Line to Mt. Takao and climbed it just to tick off a Love Live location in the phone game (j/k).



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