A Silent Voice - The Shape of Location (Part 2 of 3)

Leaving Ueno's pedestrian crossing behind, Surwill and I headed towards Ogaki castle for our next, key location and was in for a surprise. We had unexpectedly stumbled upon the beautiful Yoro waterfall! (Click on image for a large version)

You see, anime location hunting for us really gives a huge sense of pleasure and satisfaction, but it was still over 30c and and we jokingly discussed the plausibility of fooling our audience and saving a lot of sweat in the process! For Yoro was located a fair distance out of Ogaki.

Just beside the castle is a children's playground. As the former Top Gear trio, now The Grand Tour has shown, adults are simply big children and it did not stop two adults with highly respectable professions to have plenty of fun and games! Speaking of which, KyoAni staff also had plenty of fun and games rearranging trees and street furniture to create the perfect shot.

A further 10 minute walk from the playground took us to the most important site of them all, the Midori-bashi bridge. A scene of happiness, anger, heartbreak and reconciliation. Just a bridge to some, but a site of profound importance to others!

The site of the first time where Ishida and Nishiyama hung out as friends. I'm impressed at how KyoAni managed to beautify the underwater vegetation.

Where Nishiyama found Ishida so repulsive she said "Good Bye" there and then just to get away, even if it meant another dunk into the water (The situation described here is a joke but it really is a dead end).
Going down to the waterside path required climbing over a locked gate to access the steps leading down. Should be done discreetly at your own risk.

Where friendships are put to the test...

...a site of reconciliation.

Nearby the bridge is the man-made miniature waterfall. This really is a great place to sit and relax while listening to the sound of the water and play mobage like LLSIF. The first shot is extremely hard to do properly, despite my phone having a 24mm lens. 


Just behind this feature is the Ogaki Centre for the Disabled. I had read from Japanese blogs that the Centre welcomes anime location hunters and they were correct! The person at the information counter enthusiastically gave us a KnK leaflet with more screenshots and let us explore the building.

Dear anime watchers, this is what it takes a brave man to face up to his mistakes and to start a romantic relationship*.
*Only works if the girl is a Yamato Nadeshiko.


Our attempt to spy on couples enjoying a romantic time on the Midori Bashi was doomed to end in failure.

It had just gone lunchtime and luckily for us, the Centre had a small cafe/restaurant on the ground floor. It felt somewhat surreal consuming lunch right in the middle of the KnK locations! The restaurant seemed to be a sole propreitership with food freshly cooked behind the counter using ordinary kitchen equipment. I'd say it qualifies as home-made. The owner was also well-stocked. ;)

After taking some parting shots of the area, it was unfortunately time to return to the train station. Visiting the site of some serious interactions in KnK really felt surreal at times, a dream come true.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I should return with one more entry of KnK in the hopefully not-so-distant future.


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