Love Live Sunshine: Happy Party Train + Togo Beach (島郷海岸)

Transport around Numazu is expensive but the Izu Hakone Line has a 2-day pass on their train and select bus routes for just 1,200 yen. This is ridiculously cheap, as a round trip on Tokai Bus from Numazu to Mito Sea Life will already set you back 1,500 yen.

The catch? The ticket is not sold in Numazu, but only at Izu-Hakone Railway stations. However, the nearby Mishima Station is a location for the Happy Party Train PV.

I used the ticket as follows:
Day 1: Mishima > Nagaoka > Mito Sea > Nagaoka > Numazu
Day 2: Numazu > Nagaoka > Shuzenji > Nagaoka > Togo Beach > Numazu


1日目: 三島 > 長岡 > 三津シー > 長岡 > 沼津
2日目: 沼津 > 長岡 > 修善寺 > 長岡 > 島郷海岸 > 沼津

All Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

  The handgrips in the colours of the 9 girls is a lovely touch. 

Mishima Station

Train Interior

The area surrounding Izu-Nagaoka Station

The 2-day pass allows you to board 2 busses at Izu-Nagaoka Station.
1. To Numazu Station via Togo Beach (S1E03) and Jumbo Encho (S2E05, not directly served by Tokai Bus)
2. To Uchiura (Mito Sea Paradise) via Mt. Katsuragi Ropeway (S2E10).

Both busses serve Nagaoka Hot Springs Bus Station (S2E02).

沼津駅行き:  島郷海岸(第1期3話)、Jumbo Encho経由(第2期5話、東海バスは正門を通りません)
三津シーパラダイス(内浦)行き: 葛城山ロープウェイ経由(第2期10話)


Happy Party Train PV


Nagaoka Hot Springs Bus Station (S2E02)
長岡温泉駅 (第2期2話)

Shuzenji Station

Note: Busses for My Mai Tonight location and Niji no Sato depart from this station but are not covered by the 2-day pass (Not visited).

The prop from Aqours 2nd Live: Happy Party Train is displayed here
Aqours 2nd LiveのSLプロップが駅に置かれています。

Togo Beach (S1E03) 
島郷海岸 (第1期3話)

Togo Beach, also served by Tokai Bus is where Dia manipulated the 2nd years to adopt the name, Aqours for their group. This location is used multiple times over the course of the series but S1E03 is the most siginificant.


Livers have left their mark!

Jumbo Encho (S2E05 / 第2期5話)

As Tokai Bus takes the back road, you'll need to be on an Izu-Hakone bus to snap this without getting off the bus.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!


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