Love Live Sunshine: Uchiura-Mito 内浦三津

Map of Uchiura-Mito area (click to enlarge)

After returning from Awashima, I proceeded to walk the 2km towards Mito Sea Paradise taking in the sights along the way. The first main site was the Tsujimune snack store that featured in S2E09. It is run by a very friendly old woman and the Noppo bread was slightly cheaper than the convenience stores in Numazu.


The woman explained that Livers have left gifts (merchandise) at the store for her. I'll buy another Noppo from here the next time I drop by.


Further along is a T-junction with the road to Izu-Nagaoka, which was featured in the PV of Koi Ni Naritai Aquarium with You cycling along. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos so next up was the Mito Meeting Hall where the 2nd years made a mess of promoting Aqours' first ever live over the village speakers (S1E03).


Next landmark up the road was the bus stop outside the Post Office (S1E05) where Riko and Chika have a conversation.

Just a little further is a cake shop/cafe called Matsutsuki where the 1st and 2nd years were discussing the disaster of a PV they created (S1E06). The shop features again in the beginning of S1E12 with the 9 girls awaiting the results of the Love Live qualifiers.


The Mikan dorayaki (which I presume Hanamaru is consuming) is good here. The service was beyond what I expected. I bought two dorayaki and they served it to me on a tray, a fork and a glass of water. Makes me want to actually buy cakes next time.

みかんどら焼きが美味しかったです。 たかがどら焼き二つだけでもトレーとフォーク、後お水も入れてくれるとてもサービスが非常に良い店です。また行きます!

Oppsite Matsutsuki is the 7-11 convenience store where Chika and You were rehearsing the moves for Omoi Yo Hitotsu Ni Nare. Unfortunately, the parking lot with the trees was fenced off. I had taken pictures of the area, but not the shopfront(!) on April 5, 2018. Shopfront picture is therefore from December 22, 2018 when we rented the Love Live car

松月の向かい側には千歌ちゃんと曜ちゃんが「思いよひとつになれ」の振り付けを練習していたセブンです。策がありまして木が立っている駐車場は入れませんでした。2018年4月5日で回りの写真を撮りましたが何とセブンの写真は撮っていませんでしたw! セブンは2018年12月22日に痛車を借りた時の写真です。

Right after 7-11 is Mito Beach, featured throughout Love Live Sunshine.

The candlelight event on Mito beach, held every December 22, modelled after S1E06.

Right opposite the beach is the model for Chika's ryokan.


It was late evening by then so I turned to walk the 2km back to the Awashima bus stop, since my Tokai Bus Awashima ticket was only valid from there. I dropped by the Raikoji shrine, where the girls took shelter in S2E02 and composed My Mai Tonight.


The location of the bell has been flipped, relative to the gate.

I crudely turned up the brightness of the wooden doors on photoshop.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


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